Copyright Infringement

Federal copyright statutes protect creative expression, from visual works, to music, to architectural works, to source code and software, to literary works and sculptures. Individuals, artists, musicians, and businesses of all sizes create copyrighted material regularly and such material needs the protection of copyright which rights are found in the United States Constitution.

At Berstein Law, it is important not only to pursue those who infringe the copyright of our clients, but to also assist our clients from infringing the copyrights of others. Defense of infringing copyright claims is another aspect of the type of representation Berstein Law provides.

The attorneys at Berstein Law have years of experience representing litigation clients in the copyright arena including artists, photographers, musicians, and individuals and companies engaged in a wide-array of industries from arts and crafts, fabrics, clothing, lighting, cosmetics, and modeling. Please feel free to call for a no-fee consultation regarding any copyright-related issue.

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